About - The Square Approach

A unified solution

Because of our unique and integrated approach to accounting we are able to provide incredible value to our clients.
We provide bookkeeping, accounting, tax, and consulting services as a unified solution for your business.
Our process ensures accuracy as well as provides insight for area of opportunity.

The Square approach

We've developed a unique system to manage your books and provide you with valuable insights to help your business grow and optimize your margins.

We call it the Square method because of its four components:

  • Balance

  • Analyze

  • Report

  • Respond

Your Dedicated Team

Squarebooks clients get a team dedicated to help making their business succeed.

  • Bookkeeper - Balances the books

  • Accountant - Analyzes the numbers

  • Consultant - Compiles the reports

Your dedicated team of professionals work together to provide the highest level of service and a holistic approach.


During the onboarding process your assigned bookkeeper will gather the information needed to accurately start your bookkeeping. Squarebooks can connect directly to your bank account for added convenience so you don't have to worry about sending statements every month. Your bookkeeping will just happen! Our enterprise software solution is the best in the industry and completely safe and secure.


Once integrated with your business finances for at least one quarter, our in-house consulting team begins to develop strategies on how you can improve your business fundamentals. Our consulting team is responsible for compiling reports, making recommendations, and providing insight based on your income statements as well as broader economic and industry trends. They specifically focus on optimizing cash flow and operating margins.


We have purposefully installed several layers of review to ensure accuracy and compliance to accounting standards. Each established period, after all of your transactions have been reconciled, your assigned accountant will review the books and generate your financial statement.


Once we present our reports it's your turn to ask questions and give feedback. We thrive on the feedback you give us and want to ensure you're getting the best value out of our service.